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William Pack - Educational Programs

A Versatile Presenter

 Born and raised in Chicago, William Pack is a magician, storyteller, and author. At 11 years old, William got his first job in a magic shop and has been performing ever since. William has won numerous awards for his magic and comedy performances. In 2001, he taught actor Will Smith sleight of hand for his portrayal of Muhammad Ali in the film, Ali.  

As a child, William spend much of his summer haunting his local library. A universe of worlds was opened up to William because the free access to the book collection. He has used his passionate curiosity to create a  diverse collection of programs, covering biography, history, and science. 

His performing skills have elevated the programs from mere lecture to an event, making him one of the most "in demand" presenters in the market. One that your audience will be asking to return again and again.

Wheaton Library

"A month later, they're still talking about William"

Eisenhower Library

“It was really something to see the audience shift so quickly from gasping in awe to laughter.” 


North Riverside Library

 “The show was fascinating, informative, and astounding. More than a few of the teens have asked for the same show back. That has NEVER happened before.”  

Shorewood-Troy Library

 “William was, in a word, SPECTACULAR.”  

Bartlett Library

 “One of the best programs the library has ever presented.” 

Barrington Area Library

 “William’s skill as a storyteller had us spellbound.”  

Park Ridge Library

 “Thank you for a fun program last night.  I saw some new faces in the crowd and I got nothing but praise from everyone as they left.  Your presentation was engaging and well-paced, and your tricks were charming.  From my perspective, you were well prepared and very easy to work with.  It was a very successful night all around!” 

Green Hills Library

 “Our patrons were absolutely transfixed by William Pack’s Essential Chicago Fire program. Not only as the visual presentation stunning, but William’s oration of different survivor’s accounts was audibly mesmerizing.”  

St. Charles Library

 “William exceeded by expectations! His dynamic program was a hit with our patrons.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking for someone who can not only educate, but entertain.” 

Schaumburg Library

 “Bill: THANK YOU SO MUCH for delivering that fantastic program last evening!!! It was definitely a case of those smart enough to avail themselves of a great program really scored BIG!”  

Antioch LIbrary

 “You were the best I’ve had come to the library.” 

Woodstock Library

 “A programmer’s dream!” 

Itasca Library

 “Your program was one of the best we have ever presented at our library.”  

Palos Park Library

 “Patrons are still coming in with smiles and looks of awe when they talk about your program.” 

Franklin Park Library

 “Many of the patrons asked for me to bring you back when they were exiting the show.” 

Prairie Trails Library

 “Anytime William has a new show I will be guaranteed to book it.” 

White Oak Library - Romeoville

 “William is an excellent showman and storyteller and never fails to delight an audience. He is able to work with audiences both large and small and his manner is always professional, confident, and engaging.”  

Byron Library

 “William’s performance was engaging, interesting, humorous, and contained the WOW factor.” 

Stoughton Library

 “I had a parent stop me in the library today to say that her eleven year old was not excited to be dragged to a “boring library program.” She said that by the end of the show her son was excitingly asking if he could purchase your book to read more about Houdini.”  

Morton Grove Library

 “The perfect library program.” 


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